Film Seekers is a London-based international sales agency focusing on commercially driven English language feature films with worldwide appeal. With a combined experience of more than 20 years in the independent sector, the company seeks to offer producers support from script stage through to distribution, representing eight to ten new films a year. Recent successes include Edie, released theatrically nationwide in the UK in May 2018 and named “One of the year’s biggest independent theatrical success stories" by UK Trade Magazine with the rest of the world going out theatrically throughout 2019, The Witch in the Window which sold on multi-territory deals worldwide and had a fantastic international festival run, and most recently Love Sarah, which presold to eight territories in Berlin 2019 when introduced at the market.





After working in feature film production in Hollywood on movies starring Rob Schneider, David Carradine, Jennifer Morrison, Winona Ryder, Wes Bentley, Steve Buscemi, to name but only a few, Caroline chose to come back to Europe and relocate to London in 2008 as Director of Development & Marketing at Seven Arts Pictures.
In 2011, she joined AV Pictures where she gained invaluable knowledge in deal structuring from the company’s founder, Vic Bateman.
In May 2014, she launched Metrodome International, the international sales arm of the Metrodome Group handling a wide range of feature films from third party producers to in-house productions.
She then left Metrodome to launch her own company, Truffle Pictures, a London based international sales agency and production house, in 2016, and subsequently Film Seekers Ltd since February 2018.
Caroline is a French native based in London who speaks fluent French, English and Spanish. She holds two post-graduate master degrees one in Chemistry from the University of Versailles and the second one in Business Management from the University of Bordeaux.

She is a member of BAFTA and sits on the board of two major lobbying associations: Film Export UK and the Independent Film and Television Alliance.

Jennifer Dawson

Jennifer Dawson

Jennifer joined Film Seekers as Head of International Servicing from Truffle Pictures in October 2016 where she headed International Servicing for over two years.

Prior to joining Truffle Pictures, Jennifer worked for Metrodome Group where for almost 4 years she headed up both International and UK Distribution operations and servicing. She worked on films such as Frances Ha, White God, Mommy and Tangerine.

Previous to Metrodome, Jennifer worked for over 6 years at Content Media Corporation where she was liaising with producers and filmmakers to deliver film assets to international distributors on a variety of films including Black Book, Fish Tank, Outpost and The Pact.

Sara Vonk

Sara Vonk

During her undergraduate degree, Sara completed part of her studies in The Netherlands, USA and Hong Kong and interned with The Walt Disney Company.

After graduation, she worked as a Media Operator at DMC / AMC Networks International. Because of her interest in the film industry she decided to move to England and complete a masters in film studies. She thus holds a master degree in Film Distribution and Marketing. As part of her masters she interned with FilmNation in Cannes and worked as a research assistant for Stephen Follows. Sara then started her career at Truffle Pictures and after went on to join the Film Seekers team in February 2018.

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